Yacht collision No. 50/2013

Station:  DUN LAOGHAIRE             31/08/2013  Lifeboat No:  ON1200 GIN: DUB1907/13
Launch:  15:54  Return:  17:15  H/W:  20:14
Type of casualty:  YACHT ENG       YACHT WITH ENGINE
Cause of Service:  COLLISION
Wind:  WNW  Force: 5    FRESH BREEZE  Visibility:  GOOD          Sea:  CHOPPY        Weather:  PART CLOUDY

Request from Dublin C/G to go to the aid of a yacht which was involed in a collision with another
yacht in Dublin Bay. The Dublin Bay cruise ferry "St Bridget" was standing by one yacht with one
pob when lifeboat arrived. A crew member was put onboard  the casualty to assist in cutting away
his mast. The casualty was then escorted back to yacht club .